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WHAT THE "H" is going on?

WHAT THE "H" is going on?

This is MEROE, near KHARTOUM, North Africa...

A dry arid plain where the inhabitants may be African, but they sure don't look it.

Mixed in, PUMA PUNKU, near Tiwanaku, Bolivia, the "DOOR of the PUMA.....

They are TENS of THOUSANDS of miles away from the other, separated by the SEA.

The construction is more than just a little similar...

It is as though a SINGLE people, with the same construction techniques, roamed the world, made BOTH places....

But THAT is IMPOSSIBLE, right?

MOST of these ancient sites show similarities. I will show you how close this resembles places in Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Iraq, and Arizona, as soon as I work it up.....

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