I was myself chased down by DOGS and COPS when I was a KID. They turned the dogs loose on us and they didn't stop until we all went back to class.

We were protesting the beating up of a TEN YEAR OLD by a 30 year old teacher.

We had a sit-in early one morning on the school baseball field. 400 students refused to go to class until the teacher was FIRED or somehow disciplined.

We were PEACEFUL, we just wanted to be heard.

I was the identified RING LEADER, being one of the witnesses to a teacher slamming a kid's head against a locker and punching him because it was taking him too long to pull his books out of his locker and get to class.

The kid's SLEEVE snagged on something and he was trying to get loose when the teacher LOST IT and attacked him.

I saw the whole thing, and reported all just as i saw it.

The teacher LIED like a sonovabitch.

The school sided with the teacher and chose to ignore it.

I organized the sit-in OVERNIGHT.

It was the TIMES.

The school called the COPS and they showed up with DOGS and RIOT GEAR. The oldest student participant was probably ELEVEN...

I had a bullhorn, but had yet to switch it on. The cops ordered us back to class, we refused.

They set six or seven ANGRY German Shepherds loose on us. The BASTARDS pointed ME out and the dogs came right at me.

I dropped the bullhorn and got on the GOOD FOOT!

It was the TIMES.

Times, that in this age of COWARDICE, are fated NEVER to return....

The kid's father believed his son and I.

He caught the teacher off-campus a while later and KICKED HIS ASS.

So, there is JUSTICE, one way or another, my friends.

You just have to want it badly enough.


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