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David Icke Committed to Asylum

David Icke Committed to Asylum

  • Uploaded by X-mog on May 7, 2011
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Well he put up "one hell of a fight" as one passerby reported Mr. Icke screaming up and down London Square about an alien invasion imminent this morning at 7:14 am Saturday, the 7th day of May, 2011.When Mr. Icke confronted a news broadcaster from BBC during a weather report, they quickly dismissed his claim and jerked the camera away from him. Just then, Mr. Icke became incredibly hostile and grabbed the camera from the videograper, shouting directly into the lens reportedly: "get whatever arms you have and lock your doors, the reptillians are here." Although the camera was recording, Britains Ministry of Defense claims this clip is "an unsavory black mark for London and will not be aired. That's just what Mr. Icke wants and he shall not recieve the attention he asks for."
Furthermore, upon being committed to the 1st Middlesex County Asylum at Hanwell, Mr. Icke showed an incredible amount of resistance as it reportedly took 5 male guards to hold his limbs straight in order to sedate him, kicking over a trolley of medical tools and sedatives in the process. Mr. Icke is facing several criminal charges at the moment, but could be thrown out if he is deemed "clinically insane" by Dr. Westinghouse who states: "Mr. Icke is not being co-operative thus far. He has been catatonic for several hours and the sedatives ought to have lost effect by now. I estimate that his condition will not improve with age but it is possible that new forms of treatment (such as the ludovico technique) could help his condition.

Saturday, May 7th, 2011 BBC News UK

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