If you live in Coastal Japan, you better have your BUTT home by 3:15 pm EVERY DAY.

THAT is when the Tide comes in, an EBB TIDE, forever.

Welcome to the NEW JAPAN.

New Japan lies 17 feet CLOSER to the Soviet Union and Germany....

New Japan lies 4 feet LOWER than Old Japan.

These are the actual changes in Japan's geography since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the result of the seven additional quakes since then.

The changes are PERMANENT.

In the city of ISHINOMAKI, telephone wires are now at head level, manhole covers jut four feet above the sunken streets, and the inhabitants watch the tides wash away the foundations of their homes.


Though electricity has recently been restored, the SEWERS and SEWAGE SYSTEMS no longer operate.

Dead fish and Human Feces lend their TAINT to the air.

Cars cannot navigate the streets.

TOKYO is now NINE INCHES closer to the sea....

This is just a quick sketch of a disaster that has changed Japan FOREVER.

No WONDER there is no NEWS out of JAPAN.

No NEWS is GOOD news.....

Everyone who lives near FUKUSHIMA now wear RADIATION SUITS, and they are tested DAILY for EXPOSURE, young and old alike....

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