The U.S.A. is now able to pat ITSELF on the back, from SPACE. It is able to see into Bedrooms in BOTSWANA and IGLOOS in the far reaches of INUIT Communities.

You have to sit down, really, and think about it.

Oh, YEAH, you ARE sitting down...America has Intelligence Gathering LASERS in space.

An ALIEN early warning system.

"The Geo-one satellite is expected to provide American Military with Advanced Warning of Potential Incoming Threats."

Circling the Earth in Geo-Synchronous orbit 22,300 miles above it all, well beyond the Debris Field...

Last Saturday, May 7th, at Cape Canaveral, Florida, a Historical Event of insane magnitude went by, and too few people noticed it.

At 2:15pm, an ATLAS 5 rocket blasted off into the sky and added one more bit of incredible, super-technological, George Orwell-type Spy Machine into orbit around a world too innocent for it's own good.

I'll bet the Chinese are as FURIOUS as the Russians must be....

GEO-one, the first in a four satellite Early Missile Detection System called SBIRS, does far more than detect incoming Hell Bombs, it accurately tracks all MOVEMENT of enemy ANYTHING upon the Earth...

And BEYOND it.

Multiple, many-phased TRACKING folks.

"Situational Awareness", the military stresses. Tracking CROWDS, and maybe SWARMS, as they build.....

Air Force Space Commander James Shelton was nearly overcome with joy at the successful launch.

He praised the technicians at United Launch Alliance, the company responsible for the by-the-numbers Blast Off. This was ULA'S 50th perfect launch, the 26th using an Atlas 5 rocket.

U.L.A. Blasts Rockets off into Space. This is ALL they do. The Geo-one was their fifth launch this year.

I think I'd like to work there.

The SBIRS satellites will make America's Military the most advanced on Earth, completely replacing the old Defense Support program satellites and their limited capabilities.

When will the American Military be able to put this into play? They ALREADY HAVE. They are using it now, you can be sure, in the Middle East.

That dark photo at top left there shows a War Room with ongoing action happening on their screens. That's TODAY.

That's Geo-one.

When the other three are in orbit, America will be able to see ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

ANYTIME, 24 hours a day.

Years and YEARS ahead of anything you saw in THE BOURNE IDENTITY or ENEMY OF THE STATE.

The American Military can now see the entire world, EVERYWHERE, 24/7......

And that's just how it IS.

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