WALmart Steals Your Christmas Money

WALmart Steals Your Christmas Money

It is TRUE.

A Sacramento television station investigated every Walmart in the greater Sacramento area and, just to be certain, conducted the same tests at Walmarts all over the country.

What they found is so DISHONEST and DISTURBING that everyone deserves to know, so here it is:

When you get a gift you don't like and need to return it, Walmart hands you back one of their fabled "GIFT RECEIPTS".

You would think that, upon cashing the Gift Receipt in, the person doing so receives WHAT WAS PAID FOR THE ITEM.

That is NEVER the case at Walmart.

They give the RETURNEE less than HALF of what was paid for the item.

HOW do they get away with it?

MOST returned gifts are purchased during the HOLIDAYS.

Once any holiday is over, WALmart IMMEDIATELY places everything on HALF-PRICE SALES. Half price and LESS, actually.

The returnee will then only receive HALF of what the purchaser paid.


This is MIKE DUKE, President and CEO of WALmart.

WALmart says you can reach his offices at 479/273-4314.

Give this man a call and let him know how you feel.

They have stolen BILLIONS this way....

They rely on the fact that the returnee is in NO POSITION to question what was actually paid for the item...

What caused this to come to CURTIS HANSEN at Channel Five?

The PURCHASER in this case WAS the returnee. he was outraged to receive only $7.00 for an item he purchased for $15.00 a day or two after he bought it....

You can BET that WALmart is not the only company that does this, as EVERY RETAIL company has their great after-Christmas sale....

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