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And What does he DO?

Good old Arnold.

How does one keep a LOVE CHILD secret for 14 years? According to those who have see his BLOND son, now aged 14, His EYES, JAW, HEAD SHAPE, TEETH-everything IS ARNOLD....

The child was born ONE WEEK after Arnold's BABY with MARIA SHRIVER was born.

Maria Shriver used to give clothing and Baby rearing advice to the woman, whom we now know as his Housekeeper at his BRENTWOOD home, Mildred "Patty" Baena.

Baena retired as his housekeeper of 20 years last January....

Baena's husband initially signed his name to the child's Birth Certificate, then DIVORCED her THREE weeks later... on the divorce papers BAENA indicated that the couple had NO CHILDREN.

BAENA lives in an EXPENSIVE, Up-Scale home on the outskirts of Los Angeles, a home PAID FOR by Arnold Schwarzenegger....

THAT'S HOW you keep a secret....



Not even the Politicals immersed into digging through the DIRT for ammunition were able to turn this one up...

And don't think that Maria Shriver didn't know. She is a KENNEDY. Kennedy's are NO ONE'S FOOLS...

There is a story going around that she has hired a DIVORCE Lawyer.

Incorrect. He is a DEFENSE ATTORNEY....

How many KENNEDY marriages end in DIVORCE?

Arnold's Son's name is CHRISTOPHER...

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