Lets see-

According to a new book that has just come out, RUSSIA sent a Flying Saucer to America staffed with DEFORMED Children, that CRASHED in the deserts of New Mexico back in 1945.

ROSWELL EXPLAINED, right down to the BODIES found!

The author goes on to say that AREA 51 was ONLY involved in developing STEALTH Aircraft, nothing ALIEN ever went on there.

AREA 51 explained!

He goes on to mention OPERATION PAPERCLIP, America's pre-C.I.A. NAZI Rocket Scientist GRAB, and the NAZIS that got away and started Russia's Space Program.

This guy has explained away the last FIFTY years of conspiracy theory!

Every few years or so, we get these GREEDY fantasists that can TYPE rather well, but they cannot WRITE, cannot INVESTIGATE, and can PROVE NOTHING they say.

Failed writers that just KNOW they have a BOOK in them, they just have to figure out WHAT to write about, something that will SELL.


He knows about as much about ROSWELL as ANY of us do.

And the Russians got the SECOND RATERS for their Space program, men that knew what they were doing, but were STIFLED in their efforts by STALIN.

America went to PEENEMUNDE with a LIST of the NAZI Scientists that they wanted. Werner Von Braun was at the top of the list...

The Russians of 1945 were not even SERIOUS about Space Flight. The ONLY reason they forged ahead with their plans was in order to DISCREDIT Democracy and show that you can get more DONE under COMMUNISM.

Yuri Gagarin's DAUGHTER states without DOUBT that her father NEVER made the historic Space Flight that he has been credited with. The knowledge haunted her father to his DEATH.

So, we are to believe that the Russians, whom could not even achieve ORBIT with a Human around the planet in 1961, was able to do so 16 years earlier, in an UNDETECTABLE FLYING SAUCER that made it into the very HEART of America!

Piloted by Deformed Children, as well!

Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you say?

Their GREATEST achievement at the time was SPUTNIK, which weighed just a few pounds...

Remember, the RUSSIANS failed to land a man on the Moon!

They have YET to do so!

You gotta hand it to some of these FANTASY writers nowadays....

But, as TRUMAN CAPOTE said, that's not WRITING, that is TYPING!

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