Virgin Atlantic is now VIRGIN GALACTIC.

No kidding.

Richard Branson has scored a TRUE victory here.

His people have created a plane that is capable of achieving ORBIT around this world.

But THAT is not the big story here.

Virgin's goal is to have SIX mega-rich folks with nothing better to do pay $200,000 apiece to orbit the Earth.

But even THAT is not the story.

This Space Vehicle can FLIP around, slow down, and return to earth at any angle chosen...!

It has what appear to be NACELLES, like the ENTERPRISE...

SpaceShipTwo is the no-nonsense sobriquet....

The flight occurred on May 4th, but was kept secret until May 18th....

Got $200,000?

Want to LEND it out?

The larger craft is called the WHITEKNIGHT Two....

This was actually the SEVENTH flight of the SpaceShipTwo, but first time that the "FEATHERS/NACELLES" were deployed.

And they worked PERFECTLY...

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