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And just how did your day begin?

Hopefully, not like this!

Sao Paulo, Brazil has become a very difficult place to SWIM in of late.

Two new species of LEECH have been discovered there since 2007.

THIS is the most interesting one, because it attacks only the soft mucous membranes of Human and Animal alike.

They found a HUGE TYRANT LEECH up the nostrils of a nine year old girl who liked to swim and bathe in rivers. She complained to her father that she could feel something sliding around inside her nose whenever she turned her head.

Her parents ignored her until she started having blinding headaches.

The Physician that pulled this thing out nearly had a heart attack. The headaches were caused by the extremely long and sharp TEETH of this bloodsucker.

A man, supposedly the girl's RELATIVE, came in complaining of the same bad headaches....

He had it worse, in spades....

These are new species, never before seen, and there are MORE:

Frickin JUMPING COCKROACHES in South Africa with hind legs like a grasshopper....

Vampire MOTHS in Russia that suck Human Blood...

BACTERIA specific to the sunken TITANIC that eat RUST....

And many more, folks....

We DENY life on other planets, having no real idea of the possibilities of Life on earth....

And, say what you will about these new discoveries, the only one that gives ME the willies is that Jumping Cockroach.

Man, if a ROACH jumped on me I would destroy a HOUSE trying to kill it!

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