Hanuman Flying Carrying an Island One Handed

Hanuman Flying Carrying an Island One Handed

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Hanuman the monkey is not a top-level god, but it is really interesting, because some avatars of his have surreptitiously made their way into so-called western culture, from christianity to pop iconography and, eventually, to the Internet folklore.

Hanuman is a hero from the Ramayana epic (500-100 BCE). He loves god Rama (and his feminine partner Sita) so much that he is ready to sacrifice himself for its (their) sake and to save the world from the menacing forces of evil.

Hanuman was born from a non sexual sinless intercourse (through a magic piece of cake dropped by a bird) between god Shiva and a woman that had been transformed into a monkey by a curse. His mother Anjana and his pater-putativus Kesari, the giant monkey, lived in "chastity".

Hanuman's super powers would decide the Ramayana War. Hanuman's tail burned the entire island of Sri Lanka, and gave victory to the army of god Rama over the forces of devil Ramana.

Hanuman loves every human being. He is a mediator between humans and Rama (like Thot, or Jesus Christ). He sits next to Rama in the kingdom of heaven.

Many indian holy men have seen Hanuman in recent times. His image is used today against muslims, sikhs, christians and other indian minorities by the Bajrang Dal, a far-right hindu paramilitary youth group also known as the Monkey God's Army.

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