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Rod in flight  - Tempe Arizona

Rod in flight - Tempe Arizona

3. About 2/3 thru the tape a very strange thing appears. A very close flying rod appears for just seconds on camera. You can clearly see the details of the rods body as it flies past my lens. Rods for those of you who are unaware of them are creatures that exist on earth that no one has ever captured for examination hence we really don’t know what they are. They appear to be flying insects as they look like centipedes. They are often called flying fish. They are unable to be seen with the human eye as I understand it because they move too quickly for our eyes to perceive them flying at what some estimate to be speeds over 1,000 miles per hour. No rods have ever been caught or examined alive or dead and typically they are only viewable with camera equipment. They are often seen in association with alien craft and orbs.

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