Do you find it strange and just a bit convenient that Earth appears to be the ONLY planet capable of sustaining life in this Solar System?

How is that possible?

All the ways that life can be manifested, and it turns out that We are the only ones capable of receiving that benefit...

The other planets look they way they do because they are MADE to look that way. They look EXACTLY the way they were IMAGINED to look by science back in the 1930's.


The MOON: Gray, dry, dust filled, DEAD.

Mars: Hot, though they tell us Mars is experiencing an ICE age. DRY, BRITTLE, ORANGE or RED....How can THAT be when I have showed you THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of miles of areas that are varying shades of BLUE.....?

VENUS: Hot. Stuffy. Humid. Mottled. Totally Alien.

Mercury: Far away, deathly STILL and BLEAK. Also HOT.

JUPITER: Storms swirling and raging across it's surface. A magnetic pull so strong that it is used to slingshot our space probes to the outer reaches of our galaxy. INCREDIBLE IO, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa and all of the other Moons, totally devoid of Life....

Neptune: Cool blue and gaseous. Cold and utterly impossible. The Moons of Neptune are depicted as irrelevant and insignificant hell holes....TRITON looks EXACTLY like Earth....

SATURN: Radiation and more than one HUNDRED small moons that are more lovely than the Earth itself, but they NEVER tell you this. Enceladus, one of the Moons, is a WATER World that spouts fountains of liquid THOUSANDS of miles into the atmosphere...

URANUS: Moons as PITTED and SCARRED as life itself. Pulsing blue gas GIANT...

PLUTO: Named after the realm of DEATH itself. NASA states that they will have the first close-up photos ready for public consumption by 2015. Prepare to be amazed, if they tell the TRUTH at all. Reports are already coming back that indicate the atmosphere of Pluto as VERY similar to that of Earth. They are saying the same things about CHARON, one of the Moons of Pluto.....

Look how COOL and inviting the Earth Looks!

If they showed the Moon with this appearance, would you really believe that there was no life on the MOON?

Life exists THROUGHOUT our Solar system. Would you really be satisfied with a trip to HAWAII when you could just as easily visit the Mountains of Mars?

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