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These are not EXACTLY what can actually be called HIEROGLYPHS, but they will have to do for this story...

These markings were found etched in red inside the doors of a secret chamber.

They are using extended robot arms, the archaeologists now excavating the Great Pyramid of Giza, mounted with cameras, to peer beneath the monolithic doors of the Secret Vaults of Pharaoh Khufu.

The most fascinating part of this story is the argument that has been caused in the world of archaeology about the function of Copper Pins discovered embedded into the floor of the chamber....

They are debating, whether or not it is some sort of ELECTRICAL POWER SOURCE, an outlet, like the ones in your wall or power strip at home!

The door in front of this device is made of polished metal....

Some say it is far too intricate in design to be an electrical device, which means absolutely nothing, apparently some people have never taken an old electrical socket apart.

They were MARVELS in simple but intricate design....

Just like the works of the Egyptians.

Everything EXACT down the the smallest micrometer.

They have also found tiny tunnels far too small to have been made for human use, that go on and on into the great gloom....

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