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The Outside Observer is The Seventh Perspective

The Outside Observer is The Seventh Perspective

  • Uploaded by Unitb166er on May 31, 2011
  • Hits: 111

This popular nyāya has traveled the world over. Several blind men are feeling an elephant and describing their truths. While the one touching the trunk thought of it as a banana tree trunk, one touching the ears thought of it as a large hand fan, one touching the legs thought of it as a pillar. The one touching the stomach imagined it to be a wall and the one touching the tail said it was a snake. They all were correct, but only partially. And even if they combined their truths together, they would never succeed in getting the whole truth. It was not a wall and a snake and a fan and a pillar. It was an elephant.

But there is still one more Perspective!

The Observer Outside The System,All Systems,Over And Above any and all Realities.

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