In the Diamond Mines of South Africa, a new form of life has been discovered.

Picture, if you will, WORMS more than 8 feet long, capable of boring more than ONE MILE into the Earth, through the most solid, compact rock.

The faces of these creatures look like the earth-boring drills used to penetrate the iron-hard mountains of Switzerland.

Once again, SCIENCE is being forced to re-assess all the possibilities of life. If life can exist more than one mile beneath the surface of THIS planet, then it can survive beneath the surface of ANY planet.

Under ANY conditions.

Imagine the intense pressure that exists so far beneath the surface of this world.

Image the immense WEIGHT.

Of course, Super Worms are the answer.

I once tried to kill a TAPEWORM I saw slither out of the mouth of a frog. I guess I was around 7 years old or so.

It was ugly, thick and greyish-white in color, with thin ridges....

I STOMPED on it. It continued to flop around.

I SMASHED it with a rock. It still flopped.

I ran in the house and got LIGHTER FLUID and tried to roast it. The fluid burned off and the damn thing still lived, unscorched!

I threw it into the road. A car ran over it. IT STILL LIVED.

I left it alone....

So, I can EASILY imagine how absolutely TOUGH these things must be, like in the movie "TREMORS."

These things chew through rock that took man 200 years to penetrate.

What goes DOWN can come UP.

What chance would most of us have?

I can imagine that the Slave Miners of South Africa are busy hatching plots to find a way to TRAIN these worms to work for them!

Like the "HORTA", from Star Trek....

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