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Juan “One” Sepúlveda was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and was fortunate enough to grow up in a household, which greatly valued having a healthy relationship with God. This relationship has grown stronger through the years and has helped him achieve things that he would have otherwise deemed impossible.

His parents have been significantly influential and supportive of his career. His mother, Ada was an artist, while his father, Juan Sepulveda Sr. is a respected businessman in Puerto Rico. Here is what the artist had to say regarding his parents: “I have inherited a wealth of creativity from my mother. It was inspiring to see her beautiful creations, which included ceramics, sewing, and painting.” One’s entrepreneurial spirit is also inherited from his parents. “My father has always been an entrepreneur and has always encouraged me through his business endeavors and his wisdom.”

After losing his mother to cancer in 2004, One gained a different perspective in life, which has dramatically influenced his work. “More than ever before, I am inspired to pursue my dreams and encourage others to do the same. Especially after witnessing the fragility of life and how beautiful it is to leave a positive mark on the life of others; like my mother did with everyone who crossed her path”.

One’s eagerness to continuously grow as an artist has helped him achieve a level of expertise in oil painting and ink drawing, which has made his work coveted by collectors throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean. One’s autodidactic nature, for which he credits his parents, has led him to achieve a level of quality in his work admired by many. The artist explains: “I have done this by spending numerous hours practicing and reading. I have been influenced by the work of great masters from the renaissance like Michelangelo and Leonardo daVinci as well as more modern masters like M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali” In order to learn from these great masters, One studies their artwork, career, and lifestyle and then incorporate what he learns into his work.

One has an insatiable desire to create every day and a desire to share his art with the world. In a world saturated with meaningless entertainment, he arises with purpose behind his creations; he is an artist whose aspiration is to edify mankind’s soul by providing inspiration in the medium he knows best. Just as he finds inspiration all around him, One aims to impart inspiration in others through his metaphorical creations; Thus perpetuating the cycle of inspiration.

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