Just exactly what does the SPHINX represent? Was there a time when the early Egyptians and other cultures had the power to FUSE two or more species into ONE?

How about SEVERAL species into one, such as the case of the Sphinx?

HEAD and BREASTS of a HUMAN FEMALE. Body and Claws of a LION. WINGS of an EAGLE. SNAKE for a TAIL.

How did something out of GREEK Mythology become so identified, really, with Egyptian Royalty?

Well, actually, the Sphinxes of Egypt and Ethiopia were FIRST.

There was TRADE between the Greeks and the Egyptians. Greek travelers and merchants brought home descriptions of the Great Sphinx at GIZA, The Avenue of Sphinxes at LUXOR, and many others.

No one knows what these images were truly meant to represent, not even the Pharaohs or High Priests....

Remember: The Sphinx at GIZA is now known to be close to 20,000 years old, FAR older than many believe can be possible. But the WATERMARKS on the statue cannot be disputed. The Sphinx was constructed at a time before GIZA became a desert. That was between 15-20,000 years ago....

The Greeks were VERY taken by the image of the Sphinx.

So, the Greeks likely turned the many themed BEAST into a monster to frighten children.

According to the Greeks, the Sphinx was sent by the Gods to wreak havoc upon THEBES for a transgression of some sort. She guarded the entrance into Thebes, preying upon and devouring any young male entering the Kingdom who failed to answer her RIDDLE:

What creature walks upon all fours in the MORNING, two legs in the AFTERNOON and THREE legs in the EVENING?

The ANSWER: MAN, from Childhood to Adulthood to Decrepitude...

Any male who failed to give the correct answer was DEVOURED.

The King of Thebes offered his kingdom to ANYONE who could rid the land of the terror of the Sphinx. Young Oedipus set out to do so, and successfully answered her riddle.

The Sphinx threw herself off a mountainside in despair....

You can find representations of the Sphinx in every culture of the world, from Ethiopia to SWEDEN....

And, again, is it just POSSIBLE that several types of Sphinxes or creatures very similar to them actually did exist back then?

The Greek Sphinx was said to have come from ETHIOPIA, where the first images of Sphinxes are NOW known to have originated.

There are representations of Sphinx-like creatures found in the temples of India, and in ancient Germany, as well....

There would be NO PROOF today, no descendants of the mythic beings, because as HYBRIDS, they would have been incapable of producing OFFSPRING.

Just THINK of it:

WHAT could be more DANGEROUS and WILD than a savage creature CREATED by blending a WOMAN with a LION?

A Male creature such as this just MIGHT have give you a CHANCE.

But a FEMALE shows NO PITY.....

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