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The U.S.S Hornet is now moored permanently in Alameda, California.

It has become a MUSEUM.

A few years back, I had the absolute PLEASURE of striding the upper and lower decks of this immense ESSEX CLASS Aircraft Carrier.

I got to shake the hands of many VETERANS of World War two and personally thank them for SAVING THE WORLD as we know it....

If you live in the area, or are due for a visit, PLEASE go and visit this national monument.


Well, besides it's illustrious WW2 history, you will have the chance to walk the same ground as NEIL ARMSTRONG, BUZZ ALDRIN, MICHAEL COLLINS and your PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON.

T'WAS HORNET that picked up the Apollo Eleven crew after their historic Moon Mission!

It was aboard the U.S.S. Hornet that the Apollo 11 astronauts were QUARANTINED...

Where they traded JOKES with Richard Nixon...

Rounding out your journey, continue northward a bit to Suisun Bay, near Benicia, California, and take a gander at the MOTHBALL FLEET, de-commissioned
WW2 Battleships.

They are RUSTING and CRUMBLING to pieces, so get there before it is too late.

These ships are HAUNTED.

When I was in High School, we used to fish for cagey STURGEON in these waters.

We once climbed aboard one of these vessels-

Just once...

We went below decks and I am telling you that there were actual GHOSTS down there, HEADS ducking around corners, FOOTSTEPS, CLANGING, heavy metal hatches closing on their own....

The STURGEON here are the SMARTEST in the world. Nearly impossible to REEL IN.

Hook one, they go down to the bottom of the bay and wrap your line around the rusted metal HULKS below the waterline...

Tug on your line, it SNAPS and the fish goes free....

There is so much PAINT and LEAD in the water nowadays from the deteriorating ships that I don't recommend EATING any fish from this area....

But DO please visit, Northern California is BREATHTAKING at this time of year....

And don't forget to HUG a VETERAN!

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