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You GOTTA hand it to Richard Branson.

He has gone toe to toe with the EVIL Music Moguls of Earth and stood FIRM.

He has grappled with the ULTRA sadistic, extremely greedy AIRLINE CONGLOMERATES and ended up bloody, but UNBOWED.

Now, I GUARANTEE you, his latest innovation, though it does, in my opinion, lack REACH, exceeds every innovation in Space Travel conceived during the last half century.

Branson's GRASP has always been extraordinary.

What is the MAJOR problem of Space exploration?

Achieving ORBIT?


Just attain a velocity of 17,000 mph and you too can go into orbit around the earth...

It is the RETURN.


Computing Vectors and all sorts of crazy ALGEBRA are necessary for a safe return.

No longer.

Branson has a GENIUS working for him by the name of BURT RUTAN. Mr. Rutan has designed a REVOLUTIONARY "feathering" system that allows even a disabled pilot to make an effortless return home.

Every play BADMINTON?

Ever make a paper HELICOPTER, or watch spinning MAPLE seeds float to the ground?

Then you can quite easily understand just how SIMPLE and UNIQUE Rutan's "FEATHERING" really is.

It is the very FUTURE of RE-ENTRY.

I challenge any NASA engineer to come up with ANYTHING better.

VIRGIN GALACTIC'S SpaceShip TWO is ready for service.

If you have a spare $200,000.00, you can experience the THRILL of a lifetime. A 3.5 hour trip into SPACE, where you have the option to unbuckle your seat belt and float WEIGHTLESSLY through the craft....

Virgin galactic is currently taking RESERVATIONS, for those of you with the CASH....

Virgin Galactic will also launch SATELLITES at some time in the near future.

They will ALSO enable SCIENTISTS to conduct their research in SPACE....

For more info, just go to VIRGIN GALACTIC and see the FUTURE, today.

IMAGINE: Space TOURISM has started within our lifetimes!

There are NO PLANS to travel to the Moon, Mars, Venus or Mercury, but WE KNOW WHY, so I cannot find fault with them......

There will soon be Virgin Galactic SPACEPORTS in every major country.

California has the first, but the United Arab Emirates may well have the SECOND, based in DUBAI....

Just go to Virgin Galactic....

Don't forget to say hello to EVE....!

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