Towers and SPIRES, quite easy to see.

No trickery involved, just good old hard work...

NASA blurs images for a REASON...

We have NEIGHBORS out there.

WE ARE THE ALIENS to these folks.

They all know each other.

They TRADE with each other.

Forget that utter CRAP about aliens visiting Earth because they have an appetite for GOLD. They could have taken it ALL long ago. As it is, there is actually so much GOLD held privately on earth that it is in essence WORTHLESS. There are MILLIONS of TONS of Gold in the Vaults of the World. It is held BACK from the public view in order to create the illusion of SCARCITY. Same with DIAMONDS.

The RUSSIANS have perfected a method for GROWING flawless DIAMONDS. They are indistinguishable from the real things.

Absolutely FLAWLESS, folks. They come in a variety of colors, to boot.

If the crops stop growing, per MONSANTO, if the edible ANIMALS all die tomorrow, what good would GOLD or diamonds do you?

We have neighbors and they are more powerful than NASA or ANY Earthly Government.

That is the truth.

That is WHY NASA dares not return to the Moon, dares not journey to Mercury, Venus, Mars....

Let's SEE:

Mercury: Too CLOSE to the Sun to support life.

Venus: Too HOT, too close to the SUN to support life.

Earth: Luckily, in the OPTIMUM place, in the PERFECT position in the heavens, of ALL the HUNDREDS of planetary bodies in this Solar System, to be able to support LIFE in an INCREDIBLE diffusion.

The Moon: In the EXACT same space as Earth, in that GOLDEN ZONE, but alas, atmosphere too thin, gravity 1/6th of the Earths, too slight to hold an Atmosphere in place. Too bad for the Moon....

Mars: In that SAME Golden Zone, but, Darn it, somehow, some WAY, MOST of the Atmosphere, most of the Nitrogen and Oxygen, just GONE, something that should concern and Scare the HELL out of us, because, were it possible, it could happen at ANY time to US....Mars just HAPPENS to be experiencing a mysterious ICE AGE, one that apparently has occurred WITHOUT the presence of WATER and ICE...

Contradictory BULLSHIT....

And we believe it ALL, because interest in SPACE, in the POSSIBILITY of Aliens, is considered to be CRAZY and RIDICULOUS in this world.

Their existence, their very right to exist POSSIBLY, denied by the highest offices of Earth Government.


MASTERS that cannot agree on HUMAN RIGHTS control what we think about Alien Rights.....

Their RIGHT to EXIST, just as WE do.

I can GUARANTEE you that an AZTEC, or MAYAN or INCAN explorer came back to their countries with TALES of the White man.

No one believed them.

Where are THEY now?

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