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What could cause me to avert my EYES from the HEAVENS, if only momentarily?

Well, okay, for QUITE some time?

Annie Hawkins Turner (in the black dress) and Chelsea Charms.

Turner has the World record for the Largest Breasts on Earth, and, from what I have seen, only the women of Titan or Miranda could TOP her!

She has a BSW(Bachelor Social Work) degree from Jackson State University in Mississippi.

Her 72ZZZ breasts weigh EIGHT STONE or 56 POUNDS. She tips the scale at 345 lbs....

Not too much info on Chelsea Charms, apart from the obvious PORNO connections...

Her breasts, though, are the result(s) of several breast augmentations...

TURNERS are REAL and have been growing since she was 12 years old...

Isn't it FUNNY: Even THESE women expect you to look them in the EYE when you talk to them....

Yes, there can be TOO MUCH of ANYTHING....

Women like THESE step into the room and they have EVERYONE'S full attention....!

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