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Europa, daughter of the AGENOR, King of the Phoenicians, was playing with her youthful playmates, down by the sea....

She was all of TWELVE, and already being accorded the LOVELIEST of earthly females...

Our friend ZEUS/JUPITER, heard of her unearthly beauty and decided to take a look, just a LOOK, no more. Hera had gotten wise to his EVERY scheme, interrupted nearly every dalliance, BLOCKED his entrance on more than one occasion.

But Zeus, all-powerful, IMPETUOUS God that he was, took one gander at the child and was instantly SMITTEN.

He immediately hatched a plan and enlisted the help of the Sons and Sprites of the Oceans to help him carry it out....

Zeus turned himself into a playful white bull, then crept up on the wary Europa and somehow made her trust him.

Once she was on his back, the sea sprites imprisoned her with roped garlands of FLOWERS, then Zeus leapt upon the surface of the ocean and began to RUN.

The all-seeing sight of HERA was clouded and befuddled by the mists and rains cast UP by the Lordlings of the Sea....

Zeus carried her away to the continent now named after his young conquest Europa...

He made her lie down beneath a tree and got to WORK....

When Europa awoke, tired and bruised, she discovered herself to be PREGNANT.

She was rescued by her frantic father, returned to Phoenicia, and gave birth to THREE SONS.

Due to her incredible beauty, she was soon married to the King of Crete, whom adopted her three sons:

MINOS, of MINOTAUR fame, became future King of Crete.

Rhadamanthys, the second son, grew up to become King of the Cyclade Islands.

Sarpendor, third son of Zeus, became the Ruler of Lycia....

Europa and the King of Minos lived relatively HAPPY, til the end...

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