Aleister Crowley never played with toys as a kid.

It was FORBIDDEN by his incredibly religious, PIOUS, Wealthy family.

The CROWLEY fortune was conjured into existence through the wizardry of water mixed with yeast and HOPS:

They were BREWERS. There were several successful CROWLEY Ale Houses scattered about Victorian London.

There is much to say on the subject, but it is quite easy to understand how WEALTH and RELIGION breeds it's own DEVILS...

...and BEASTS.

And young Edward Alexander/Aleister reveled in the moniker "THE BEAST".

It was what his MOTHER, whenever she was angry, called him....

Forced to accept a strict religion he did not believe in, forced to accept boarding schools and the depredations of older MALES, young Aleister was quite the CREATED devil....

He REBELLED at a young age and REVELED
in ALL that was considered to be EVIL...


New York, 1918.

Crowley's new PASSION: AMALANTRAH Workings, his name for SEX MAGICKS, Tantric and UNHOLY....

Aleister felt that this was the only way to invoke otherworldly BEINGS and essences into physical being.

He and his PARTNER, RODDIE MINOR, together in an apartment overlooking Central Park West, in the DAKOTA Building (Where Lennon and Ono resided, where Polanski's "ROSEMARY'S BABY" was filmed), Conjured up a MOST unlikely being:

Through the Magick Circle, across a rent in the fabric of Time and Space, they both SWEAR that a small, GREY being that called itself LAM, came a-calling one evening.

CROWLEY himself drew the image of the being that you see at LEFT.

Lam stated that he was from one of the MOONS of SATURN, Folks....

Verbal communications were extremely difficult, so LAM communicated with them through SYMBOLS.

The most recurrent symbol was that of the EGG, which became a symbol of extreme importance to Crowley and all of his followers.

Crowley and Minor considered LAM, though they did not understand most of what the being was trying to SAY to them, An ADEPT of Ancient Egypt....

Images of Egyptians, Pyramids and STRANGE Vehicles, Devices and Alien Cities would fill their heads as they attempted communication.

LAM visited them several times in the fall of 1918, then CEASED, forever....

Witchcraft. Sorcery. Science. Extraterrestrials.

All ONE, as Crowley believed?

We may be able to piece it all together here in these pages....

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