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What a question to ask, but one that I must.

URANUS, that quiet Blue World out there, Seventh planet from the Sun, is a BASTARD PLANET.

Even the God that it is named for has a confusing history.

URANUS is named after a GREEK GOD.

All of the rest of the planets in this Solar System are named after ROMAN gods!

WHY is that? Because, from the very Origin of the God and the Planet, the ORIGIN and NATURE of Uranus has been hotly disputed.

The discoverer of Uranus attempted to name his discovery after King George of England, but the rest of the world refused to accept his choice....

As far as the creation myths are concerned, whether Greek or Roman, OURANOS/URANUS has been described as an intruder,a Rouge entity that even the Gods were unsure of.

Uranus is a Gas Giant, but, unlike the other two, Jupiter and Neptune, Uranus has a solid iron or rock core, and is composed of more than HYDROGEN. Uranus also contains METHANE and HELIUM.

A per the Uranus, God of Myth, just try to find more than one or two images of URANUS depicted in Early Roman or Greek art. He is the mystery God, rarely captured in any form of art.

Strange, huh, for so major a planet? You find more on PLUTO, which is now considered a Dwarf planet....

The MOONS surrounding Uranus are the most scarred, pockmarked, LIVED ON looking Moons in existence...

I will tackle the Origin of Uranus later.....

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