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Holy HECK!

There is NOTHING like a Dust Storm.

I remember spitting out SAND days later, no joke.

I had sand in the corners of my EYES that I just could not get out...

Under my EYELIDS.


I thought I was headed in the general direction of HOME, with my two brothers, one day in Morocco, after an NASTY Sirocco sprang up.

We were wandering around and crying like FOOLS when we realized that we had walked in the wrong direction and were totally LOST.

Believe it or not, and I SWEAR that this is true, some wandering TRIBESMEN of some kind came out of nowhere, grabbed us up, and ran with us thrown over their shoulders like RUGS, all the way to our front door.

One of them knocked hard on the door, when my worried Mom answered, one asked "MADAM'S CHILDREN?" Then ran off with his companions into the desert, back the way they had come....

I swear, TRUE.

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