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Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles, California made a statement at a news conference concerning THIS weekend's CARPOCALYPSE, the predicted 37 mile long TRAFFIC JAM anticipated on the MUCH traveled 405 freeway.....

When asked about the future of Los Angeles, Mayor Villaraigosa said:

"In order for Los Angeles and other Major Cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, etc., to survive into the future, our cities must GROW TALLER..."

Taller Superbuildings. Higher, more diverse ROADWAYS. Massive cities reaching into the SKIES. Everything CONNECTED.

SKYSCRAPERS that grow FOOD, in the center of town, to eliminate transportation and spoilage problems.

Skyscrapers that are DAIRIES.

Free or CHEAP Electricity, and, let's face it, since everything in this Solar System is made up of the same elements, ELECTRICITY, in some form or other, POWERS the have seen the UFOS powering up near active weather systems and volcanoes...

This is our true FUTURE. Just as I see on ALIEN PLANETS, just as I have been pointing out for the last few years....

THAT'S how our BROTHERS and SISTERS on the inner planets deal with OVERCROWDING.

Which is EXACTLY what the people of Los Angeles will have to learn to deal with RIGHT NOW.

CALTRANS is shutting down the 405 for three days-sorta...

The idea is to WIDEN the road in a certain section near a certain OVERPASS to allow for carpool lanes or some such SILLINESS. I have only seen such an ambitious project actually work ONCE, and only for a short time, in the HELLISH commute between Sacramento, Ca and Oakland/San Francisco area.

As I said, it only worked for a short time, mere MONTHS, then the population of the North Bay exploded after the landlords of the Bay Area raised rents astronomically and caused mass FLIGHT into the, at the time, cheaper North....

So, no matter HOW important this closure may seem to CALTRANS presently, it is at best a very temporary improvement.

CALTRANS plans to REPEAT the exercise and do the same thing to the OTHER side of the 405 freeway in the very near future...

So, it will be 3 days of HELL for the denizens of Los Angeles, who already have it tough enough, car wise....

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