Sorry to tell you, but: YES IT CAN!

They are really OUT there.

ALIENS do truly EXIST.

But, I believe that they have ORDER, LAW, HUMANITY, and it would not be ALLOWED.

THERE is a Central Government of this Solar System.

It may rest upon "our" Moon.

The Moon Folk appear to be the most ADVANCED people out there.

Who says that there was a Life destroying COMET that struck the Earth way back when?

May not be TRUE.

As far as modern MAN is concerned, we have NEVER been struck by a COMET in Modern History, and no matter what they say about ELENIN, it is just a ball of Gas and Ice....

We may have been PLACED here on Earth, an Earth that was Re-ENGINEERED for our survival.

Who knows NOW who we truly ARE? Where we truly ORIGINATED?

Things DO EVOLVE, there is EVIDENCE, but no DEFINITE proof, of HUMAN EVOLUTION.

That is what finding the MISSING LINK is all about.....

MAN just MAY be an EXPERIMENT by the Lords of the Higher Worlds.

We don't seem to know much of ANYTHING, wandering around mostly in a DAZE, from Birth to Death.

An Experiment in Beginnings by a curious people. Everything running SMOOTHLY, from THEIR perspective, SO FAR.


Things break down. Systems break down.

We may not always be PROTECTED by their Government and Good Graces.

Invasion is more possible than ANY other scenario, if the SYSTEM should BREAK DOWN out THERE...

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