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C'mon, folks....

Do you REALLY want someone to see your NARDS or HOOHAH just beneath the SUDS?

This would have rendered John Lennon's Bath Tub scene in "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" a little more interesting, but far less MYSTERIOUS....

Not to mention to may one day walk in on your GRANDMA.

Even WORSE: The Mother-in-Law.

My Mother-in-Law walked in on ME, one day, when I thought I was ALONE at home. She didn't knock, just let herself in the house.

Made the mistake of walking into our Bath Room just as I was climbing out of the tub. The SUDS had long disappeared...

I was holding onto the sides and had no chance to cover up.

I was SWINGIN' all over the place...

I JUMPED back into the tub.

She just STOOD and STARED like she was INSANE.

She actually IS, by the way....

I hope that incident began her eventual, HOPED for, trip to BELLVUE...

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