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I am NOT Anti-Cop.

I have just seen them, all of my life, do pretty shitty things to people.

Their job being what it is, you would think they would have a fine sense of COMPASSION.

Most have NONE.

Just a bunch of marching, strutting MARTINETS for the MOST part, even the WOMEN, and that is a SHAME.

SHOOT ONE, and they ALL go CRAZY, but isn't that part of the job? Where is the SURPRISE? It is a job entailing Bullets and Ballots.

If a CARPENTER has a building fall on him, where is the public OUTCRY?

COPS get SHOT at. It is part of the JOB.

Just like the MILITARY.

And that is the FUNNY part.

These are quasi-military INDIVIDUALS.

Everything is MILITARY with them.

But, just let one get SHOT, BEAT-UP, LIED TO, etc., and there is OUTRAGE!


Didn't these folks know that getting SHOT just goes along with the JOB?

I wanted to be a COP, I am ashamed to admit now.

Was accepted into the L.A. Police Academy and was getting INTO it.

Then it dawned on me one night on patrol that I would spend the rest of my life dealing with people that I can't stand, the very underbelly of society, not to mention the COPS themselves.

They all, every MAN and WOMAN at the Academy, merely wanted to KICK SOMEONE'S ASS.

Not one EVER said they were there to PROTECT and to SERVE.

Well, THAT is what I envisioned. Protecting and Serving, the Cop with the Apple....

Doesn't EXIST.

The Los Angeles police got into trouble with all the ASS KICKING.

The fact that O.J. Simpson was NOT convicted was all due to the DEEP resentment the average citizen felt for the LAPD.

Nicloe Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman PAID for the SINS of the LAPD....


THANK GOD for them.

But, it could be SO much BETTER....

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