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VENUS, my Earth Brothers and Sisters...

Seeing CITIES like THIS, and DAMMIT, this IS a CITY, on the planet VENUS, where our science ASSURES us that no life is possible, yet was one of the 3 planets mentioned in the 1961 Brookings Institution Report as one of the possible POPULATED Worlds where the discovery of Alien Artifacts is possible-WHEW-Makes me feel closer to every Man, Woman, and Child on Earth than ever before.

We are VASTLY outnumbered, Folks.
ASTRONOMICALLY outdistanced.
MILITARILY outflanked.

Every Planet in This Solar System is populated by BILLIONS, possibly TRILLIONS of beings, depending upon their SIZE.

They live in FANTASTIC Cities with incredible buildings made of material that looks like CRYSTAL or GLASS, or, most likely, QUARTZ.

Every ASTEROID is populated. Every one that I have looked at, and I have seen HUNDREDS of them.

Just imagine:

Long before ANY of us were born, some advanced, AFFLUENT being decided to leave their mother planet and build their OWN world on an Asteroid. Maybe He/She/??? felt that their planet was overpopulated, like MERCURY, maybe for POLITICAL reasons, or maybe He/She/??? was just that rich....

People LAUGHED at this intrepid being, and wished him/her/??? well, with a sense of SCHADENFREUDE, that secret wish for the FAILURE of the grand schemes of others......

That person flew across the darkness and piloted their way through the Asteroid Field between Mars and Jupiter.

There are tiny worlds there, some a mere 5-6 miles across, some HUNDREDS of miles across...

That being chose one of the appropriate floating spinning ISLANDS, that earth science has ALWAYS classified as individual "worlds", worlds that ROTATE and have GRAVITY, maybe ATMOSPHERE, and got to work building a LIFE....

Word got back that he or SHE was successful, and the great EXODUS began. People from every suitably advanced planet moved out into the Asteroid Field.

BOTH Asteroid Fields, including Kuiper...

This happened a LONG time ago, for Asteroids now have IMPOSSIBLY ELEGANT buildings, absolutely BEYOND anything we will be capable for THOUSANDS of years, maybe TENS of thousands of years, judging by all the PROGRESS we have made in Space Travel since the 1960's....

Absolutely NONE.

We are more alone than EVER, as earthlings, though hardly alone at all in other other sense of the word.

Imagine the Solar system as EJACULATION, each spermatozoa ALIVE, most DOOMED, suspended in time, but living at a rate so SLOW that we cannot comprehend, and you will have an accurate idea of the Solar system.

Just picture a messy SNEEZE...

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