The Egyptians had a thing about TRUTH.

Statements stressing ones truthfulness and honesty were written into the main body of their Laws of MA'AT.

Graffiti more than 3,000 years old shows that the average citizen questioned the truthfulness of what was being said about their Great, Godlike Pharaoh Ramses II.

They questioned his War Record.

Ramses II, their great Emperor, was said to have single-handedly held off a charging advance of Nubian warriors, giving his laden-down, thirsty, weary Army time to arm themselves and enter the fray.

Ramses II, 5'7, 170 lbs. of living FURY, was reputed to be the greatest single warrior in his kingdom, capable of surviving ANY wound, no matter HOW dire.

He wrestled with and tamed a mighty lion.

Was the greatest CHARIOTEER of his Age....

Could out-wrestle muscled Giants...

So you can see why the average citizen grumbled. They had just, in their minds, LOST their first war under the Great Ramses II.

Everyone knew that their Pharaoh's Invincible Army had to sue for peace with their latest enemies, the Hittites, after being assured by their Pharaoh that a devastating, swift crushing blow to the Hittites would be the ONLY outcome.

In the end, the Hittite Forces were a LOT tougher and more battle-ready than the well fed, overconfident Egyptians.
The Hittites wanted LAND and a piece of the pie, and were willing to DIE to get it.

The Egyptians wanted to return home, really, and protect what land they had...

In the end, Ramses II actually had to meet with the Hittite King and sign a peace treaty. He had to MARRY a Hittite Princess.

Not what you would expect from a Warrior King.


Modern Times.

The MUMMY of Ramses II is beginning to show signs of deterioration...

That overly thin NECK has turned out to be a piece of WOOD. One of the Royal Embalmers must have knocked their ex-Pharaoh's HEAD off...

Ramses II is shipped to PARIS for a full examination.

What the X-rays showed was startling.

RAMSES II body was a mass of SCARS, STAB WOUNDS, PUNCTURES, Fractured Bones....

He had recovered from wounds that would have certainly KILLED the average man...

But may have died, in his 70's, from an ABSCESSED TOOTH...

He had The Scars of a Warrior.

He must have really been SOMETHING in battle.

He had 17 Sons, most of whom he had taken into battle at his side...

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