We shouldn't let THIS event slip by unnoticed.

It may be the biggest news in the world, right now, not counting the ongoing cover-up a FUKUSHIMA.

Don't piss off HUGH GRANT.

He is not really being highlighted in the current News of the World Phone hacking controversy that led to the CLOSING on 168-year old British Tabloid "The News of the World", but he IS responsible for the closure, in his own inimitable way.

Last year, he used his acting skill to buddy-up with one of the alleged phone hackers.

Got the guy to BRAG on tape about his exploits.

This man had hacked the phones of HUNDREDS of celebrities, including Hugh Grant himself, and was bursting with pride.

He was responsible for breaking the news of Soccer Superstar David Beckham's alleged affair.

Grant got the man to implicate himself in BREAK-INS at celebrities HOMES, as well as other acts of lawlessness...

Grant turned the tapes over to the authorities, and News of the World began to crumble....

The former EDITOR of the News of the World at the time of most of the hacking, Andy Coulson, has been ARRESTED. His house is being searched by detectives at this very moment.

Coulson was hired by Prime Minister David Cameron as his Chief of Communications after the first flap over the alleged phone hacking was resolved behind the scenes at Parliament and The Daily News a few years back.

Now the prime Minister is in hot water for Coulson's lack of communicating to him the true facts behind his involvement in the scandal.

Rebekah Brooks, current EDITOR, has been handed a BETTER POSITION in owner RUPERT MURDOCH'S publishing empire...

She was parodied soundly in the farewell edition of the News of the World, which she had personally gone over with a fine tooth comb in search for derogatory references to her.

Too bad she was never a fan of the Crossword Puzzle. She was soundly SKEWERED by the departing staff therein...

The News of the World has even hacked the phones of dead American and British Service men...

Not to mention the phone of a kidnapped 13-year-old girl that disappeared while on the way home from school back in 2001.

Milly Dowler's parents were certain that their daughter was still alive.

You see, her CELL PHONE was being activated every day, and they were certain that it was she.

They went on television and begged for their daughter to return home, thinking that she may have run away.

Actually, it was the EVIL folk at the News of the World hacking into the missing girl's phone...

Her body was found six months later in March of 2002, badly decomposed, not far from where she reportedly disappeared, on the way to her bus stop.

The News of the World is currently under investigation in the matter.

Rupert Murdoch's $12 Billion bid to by Communications Empire BskyB, British Sky Broadcasting, has been dropped in the wake of all the trouble, a move that gives pleasure to many....

And now the United States Senate wants an investigation launched into the phone hacking exploits of news of the World.

BIG trouble.

Rupert Murdoch GOLFED while his his editors announced the closure of the 168 year old paper that was MUCH beloved by the prophetic George Orwell....

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