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SEPTEMBER 11TH, 1901, New York

SEPTEMBER 11TH, 1901, New York

Who knew that a mere 100 years later, BODIES would be falling out of the sky?

The most HORRIFIC choices for DEATH possible:

DEFENESTRATION: sliced to Death, thrown through high impact GLASS.



SUDDEN IMPACT: Death by FALLING: Why is there no WORD for that?



LINGERING DEATH: From the poisons. The Rescuers are experiencing SLOW DEATH.

There were a THOUSAND ways to die that morning, and THOUSANDS were to experience them.

They could have at LEAST arranged for the planes to hit AFTER 6 PM, when most of the workers had gone home.

STILL would have been DEVASTATING and EFFECTIVE, but without the massive loss of life.

We still would have had our little WAR for GAS, the RAPE of our ECONOMY, the LOSS of our FREEDOM to TRAVEL and many other civil liberties.

Push come to SHOVE, Americans actually WOULD give up their hard fought for FREEDOMS for SOMETHING.

Some "THING" that has NEVER existed in this world. The ILLUSION called "SECURITY".

On September 11th, 1901, the JAPANESE began a campaign to become a more SECURE COUNTRY. One hundred and TEN years later, you can see how it's worked out for THEM...

America now sells SECURITY. But it comes at an incredible cost. They are checking HAIRSTYLES now at Airports.

Soon, we will be flying NAKED, without the Sexy Stews....

Hey, just between you and ME, WHOEVER committed the COWARDLY acts of 9/11 are LOW-DOWN, EVIL S.O.B.'S with no hint of HUMAN feeling.

SOCIOPATHS, telling themselves that they are building a NEW Society...

How many of you have seen the strange videos of the even STRANGER planes that hit the World trade Center?

How about all the UFOS swirling through the TOWERS?

This was an event of MAJOR interest to the OUTSIDE powers, probably MEANT to push them that much farther BACK from attempting to make DEFINITE CONTACT with us....We are EVER the Evil Barbarians...


Three MAJOR Turning Points in Human History.

Are you Aware?

Are you paying Attention?


In 1901, it was all beginning, the PATH to the RUIN of TODAY and TOMORROW, with the REFUSAL to accept the works of NIKOLA TESLA, ANOTHER Major Turning Point in Human History...

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