You could see the writing on the wall.....

Once the MURDOCH family abandoned and threw Rebekah Brooks under the train, it was only a matter of time...

I thought maybe a HOUSE would fall on her first, and it did, for this was all worked out at the Houses of Parliament....

Rebekah Brooks was arrested at her home in London this morning, on a SUNDAY, probably at precisely the time her former newspaper, "NEWS OF THE WORLD" would have been hitting the foggy streets.

She was arrested for Phone hacking and BRIBERY.

The Prime Minister is involved.
Several Chiefs of Police in various towns.
Members of Parliament.

Notice that your are NOT hearing about this on your local news channel.

NOTICE that there is no outrage being expressed on FOX.

Nor through the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

There will be no movie made by 20th Century FOX studios.

Nothing DAMNING in the New York Post.

Nor the British newspapers "THE SUN", "THE SUNDAY TIMES" or "THE TIMES".

Murdoch OWNS THEM ALL, folks.

Rupert Murdoch HIMSELF has visited the home of MILLY DOWLER to personally apologize to the family.

Where is the story about THAT momentous event?

Folks, this is BIG.

It may even extend to the WALL STREET JOURNAL, this PHONE HACKING scheme, and the venerable NEW YORK POST.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL'S Chief Executive has RESIGNED....

I think this may begin the DEATH KNELL for the printed NEWSPAPER....

MURDOCH fought like HELL to purchase ALL of these Newspapers. He bought others and CLOSED THEM DOWN after RAIDING their PENSION FUNDS, worth multi-millions...

It was predicted that he would be the death of the NEWS in his attempt to control and SILENCE all opposition to his ongoing schemes....

Looks like an accurate prognostication...

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