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Quit the Job.

Walk away.

You will live to fight another day.

Have you EVER heard of a successful WHISTLE BLOWER, living in elegance and deep comfort?

No. You live a life of FEAR.

And then you DIE.

Just like Whistle Blower SEAN HOARE, late of the NEWS of the WORLD....

Now late FOR the World...

Would he have talked if he had ANY idea that he would be put down like a DOG, one quiet morning, in his own home?

The London police received a TIP that all may not be WELL at the home of the disgraced journalist. He was found this A.M., dead under SUSPICIOUS, but not UNUSUAL circumstances...

What the HELL does that mean?

Now we shall hear tales of DRUNKENNESS and CRUELTY...

Now we shall hear tales of wild parties and DRUG use...

The London police have a HABIT of deeming deaths like this "mysterious, but no signs of Foul Play...."

Like the DEATH of BRIAN JONES, lo these many years ago....

Sean Hoare died in DISGRACE, no chance to REDEEM himself, no chance to reflect back on all the years of EAVESDROPPING, no chance to WRITE THAT TELL ALL.


Life is LIKE that.

And so, sadly, is DEATH....

I was going to be FOOL enough to suggest that, IF Rupert Murdoch wanted to redeem HIMSELF in the EYES and HEARTS of the British, He should SELL the NEWS of the WORLD to responsible JOURNALISTS that have no connection to him.

CRUSTY, DOUGHTY, HONEST Newsmen and Newswomen. The type of which the world is running OUT of, but there are still HUNDREDS on the streets of London, New York, Belfast, San Francisco...

Sell them the NEWS OF THE WORLD for ONE DOLLAR....

Revive the paper...

BUT, Murdoch, it seems, don't PLAY that.

He plays for KEEPS.

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