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At Loch Ness, they have their "NESSIE".

At Cadboro Bay, British Columbia, they give us the name "CADBOROSAURUS WILLISI", a Sea Monster first reported by experienced, Whale-Chasing mariners in 1815.

Let's just call it "CADDIE", for short.

The photos you see above were obtained from footage taken in 2009 by the experienced mariners of OUR day....

It is like NOTHING that they have ever seen before.

HORSE-LIKE eyes. Horse-like FACE.

It is JET BLACK in color, 20-30 feet long, swims sinuously through the waters of Cadboro Bay like a SERPENT, and appears to be non-confrontational, non-violent...

The EXACT same type of creature has been reported at Lake Bikal in Russia, and there have been sightings at The NILE, in Egypt...

Remember, a similar creature was filmed in a lake in England, last year, so there is SOMETHING to this.

No, I don't believe that Aliens are behind it all...

Not ME....

I believe the full tale is on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, tonight...

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