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These just came in. They were taken LAST NIGHT....

Space Shuttle Atlantis' Final Flight, and, just like the First, something WEIRD is going on.

Oh? You didn't HEAR about the first flight and the strange SIGHTING sworn to by the Atlantis Astronauts?

One of the Astronauts in question in came in early earlier than scheduled from his routine repair duties. He ignored all questions, wouldn't say why he was back so soon, just continued to get out of his space suit, slowly, quietly, but very DISTRESSED.

Once his boots were off, he floated over to one of the windows and gazed out. The other Astronauts joined him.

He pointed his finger to a spot on one of the wings of the Shuttle....

To everyone's AMAZEMENT, there was a Bipedal Being standing on the wing, 8-10 feet TALL, calmly gazing back at them.

It then took a step backward, and drifted away into the blackness...

This is TRUE.

Whether they ALL saw that being or not is open to conjecture, but the Astronauts DID report the sighting to NASA....

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