Inocenta Hernandez, heard a loud BOOM this a.m. in lovely Guatemala City, Guatemala.

She just turned 65 recently, but raced outside with a speed that belies her age.

Expecting to see the smoking results of a huge EXPLOSION, expectation turned to apprehension as she realized that the loud BOOM did not come from outside, but rather INSIDE her home.

She raced back inside to check up on her grandchildren, whom she had last seen playing in her bedroom.

She opened the bedroom door and received the shock of her life.

The children were okay, but...

Right beneath her BED, (had she been awakened by and leapt out of bed at the sound, she would have been DOOMED), was a giant, 40 foot deep SINKHOLE, different only in size from the one that opened last May, 2010, not far from her home.

These sinkholes reportedly are formed when Tropical storms wash all the soil away, and that is a GOOD explanation.

But WHY are they so ROUND?

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