I absolutely HATE the fact that there are CAMERAS everywhere, recording everything we do...

But they HAVE served a purpose in this case.

Leiby Kletzky, Jewish Orthodox and just EIGHT years old, became lost on his way home from camp. His Mother decided to let him walk home unassisted that day, as their home was only EIGHT BLOCKS away.

Young Leiby found himself LOST in Brooklyn, so he stopped an Orthodox adult, Levi Aron, 35 year old maintenance supply worker, and asked for directions.

It was the biggest mistake of his young life.

When young Leiby did not come home within a reasonable amount of time, his mother panicked and the ALERT went out. It is a small community, SOMEONE must have seen him.

The Police decided to review the Security Cameras stationed along the route that the child had taken home.

One of the tapes showed a man whom appeared to be Levi Aron placing the child in his car.

The police went IMMEDIATELY to Aron's residence and found a car that matched the one that Aron placed the child into.

They BANGED on his door and asked, NO NONSENSE, where the boy was.

A shaken Levi Aron pointed to the kitchen. The relieved officers expected to find the child sitting a the kitchen table.

Instead, there was a BLOODY CHOPPING BLOCK with three bloody knives sank into it.

There was blood on the refrigerator door handle. The police threw open the refrigerator door-

And found only the child's BLOODY FEET wrapped in plastic. They found the rest of the body stuffed into a red suitcase in a nearby dumpster.

Aron later stated that he panicked when he realized that the entire neighborhood was out looking for the boy he had abducted.

So he DRUGGED the child, then suffocated him with a towel.

Levi Aron now GIGGLES like a madman. Says he hears VOICES.

This FREAK has a FOOT FETISH that involves young boys, DAMN the REASON WHY.




DO what needs to be done!

Leiby Kletzky's father attended his child's FUNERAL, unaware that his young boy had been DISMEMBERED by this giggling MADMAN.

I don't CARE that he is CRAZY.

I say GAS that miserable S.O.B.

To make matters even more intriguing, a neighbor has come forward with the claim that Aron tried to lure her son into his car 2 weeks ago.

Had she called the police THEN, you wouldn't be reading this NOW...

And that little boy would still be ALIVE....

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