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We will DROWN on the COASTS, all over the World, while we THIRST for water in the interior!

It is happening NOW.

What you see before you are the results of CONTROLLED FLOODING in Bismarck, North Dakota, when the Garrison Dam Spillway was raised.....

It was decided that it were BETTER to flood this once lush land than let the residents elsewhere experience any inconveniences....

What were once STREAMS are now STREETS.

We will continue to experience MASSIVE flooding in the Winter. All that GOOD SOIL washed away to the Sea....

DUST BOWL conditions in the SUMMER, like ARIZONA. DROUGHT and DUST in TEXAS.

Then, every winter, MORE good soil washed into the Oceans....

Then the CROPS will FAIL, if they EVER get started...

Get the PICTURE?

The ICE CAPS are MELTING, folks...!

Just ask NASA.

Oh, wait...they won't TALK...

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