Have you EVER seen anything more suspicious?

The Chinese Government has ORDERED the immediate burial of ALL the wrecked carriages involved in last night's Bullet Train accident!

They are tearing the cars apart as you read this, digging huge holes with backhoes, and BURYING every bit of wreckage.

Mere HOURS after the suspicious crash, with Rescue Workers still searching for victims, all search and rescue has been halted and the Great Cover-up has began!

This is just ONE in a series of disaster China has been experiencing over the last few months.

There was a MAJOR Oil Spill in China last month, MILLIONS of gallons released. Did you hear about it?

FOUR BRIDGES collapsed in various cities around China last week!

BUSES loaded with passengers have caught fire, 41 dead.

ESCALATORS have collapsed, injuring scores of people.

Several transportation officials have been arrested, others have been relieved of duty.

Corruption has riddled EVERY major project in China for DECADES.

Injured passengers from last night's collision were TEXTING relatives and emergency services, begging for help, as the train cars dangled over the side of the bridge, swaying in the storm winds.

CHINA has gone on the defensive, stating that the trains are being buried as a matter of National Security, can't risk having their precious TECHNOLOGY falling into the wrong hands.

But, that is NOT the answer.


China supposedly has the fastest, BEST, most efficient Bullet Trains in the World....

Strange that a lightning strike could take out such advanced tech so easily.

In fact, several passengers have stated that the lightning strike only disabled the train momentarily.

The train was in fact MOVING, re-gaining speed, when it was struck from the REAR by the Bullet train traveling from Beijing....

Highly Suspicious, and China is burying the EVIDENCE.

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