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For Chris Whitley.

Coming to a neighborhood near YOU.

We are in for a DUSTY future, folks....

Woody Guthrie days WILL return...

Tom Joad and all the rest, families uprooted, CARAVANing across America...

In search of WORK.
In search of FOOD.
in search of RESPECT.

Every year the storms will get WORSE.

And we will come to understand what it is like to live on MARS...

Probably WHY they built all those CANALS....

When Mariner first tried to photograph Mars back in 1971, the ENTIRE planet was engulfed in a Dust Storm...

If it can happen THERE, it can happen HERE.

Keep it in MIND, store plenty of WATER, no matter what they tell you, prepare the BEST you can.

SATELLITES will not work-they barely do the job on a cloudy day...

We will go back to the days of RADIO.

Dust Radio.....

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