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The name of a great, sad, but HOPEFUL, Frank Sinatra tune....

Frank would have recognized this incredible TALENT.

Frank could have SAVED this woman, where her parents and LOVERS absolutely FAILED her.

He didn't believe in half-measures, not where his children were concerned.

Say what you will about the MAN, but his children are ALL alive and doing very well TODAY.

Were she MY child, this could NOT have happened.

As Carroll O'Connor said after the death of his beloved, drug abusing son:

"USE ANY MEANS NECESSARY to get your kid OFF drugs".

Amy Winehouse's PARENTS are heartbroken, but not Surprised....

They could have saved her.

Don't tell me that they couldn't.

While you are alive and in good health, you can accomplish ANYTHING.

Just look at what that ASSHOLE in NORWAY accomplished.

Look at all his FAWNING fans!

Maybe Amy Winehouse is better off QUIT from this WORLD....

I don't know much about her, I don't own any of her Albums.

But I DO know true talent when I HEAR it, and she had an ABUNDANCE of it.

I had no IDEA what she looked like or who she was, but when I heard her MUSIC ooze out of the speakers at AMOEBA one day, I knew she was a KEEPER.

There is not a female singer her age today that could have stood toe to toe with her, even that hack talent LADY GAGA....

Amy Winehouse reminded me of the TOUGH beauties from Spanish Harlem, that wore too much makeup, but ALWAYS had your back.....


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