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I guess Glenn Beck just has to say something ignorant and insensitive every now and AGAIN...

Comparing the Political Youth Camp where the atrocious shootings occurred in Oslo, Norway, last week to the Nazi Youth Camps of 1940's era Germany is just WRONG....

Was Glenn beck NEVER a Boy Scout?

He obviously knows NOT what he speaks of...

The Hitler-JUGEND were an attempt to raise a generation of Jew-Hating, World Conquering, NAZI "supermen".

Those kids were trained to HATE and KILL anyone who did not agree with them.

To commit "Atrocious, but Necessary Acts", such as GENOCIDE, in order to better their cause.

They were being trained as SOLDIERS, not VOTERS and possibly Politicians...



People with no regard for the feelings of others.

More like ANDERS BEHRING BREIVIK, the terrorist that committed the SENSELESS acts in NORWAY.

NORWAY desired to remain NEUTRAL during the World Wars I and II. But that didn't mean a thing to the NAZIS.

NORWAY was INVADED and OCCUPIED by them in 1940. The WEHRMACHT held Norway in a grip of TERROR until May 8th, 1945.

The JEWS of Norway were rounded up by the NAZIS and executed.

The economy of Norway was raped and destroyed, causing DECADES of instability in the region.

ENGLAND and FRANCE both had plans to "occupy" Norway on the table, but the NAZIS got there first.


They hate WAR.

Acts of TERROR.

And misguided semi-humans such as Anders Behring Breivik....

And, now, I guess, GLENN BECK...

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