As I was saying.

No self-respecting MASON, Order of the Knights Templar or any organization of the type would want anything to do with such a destructive mad-dog KILLER.

This being is ALONE.

All he did was show us all just how far a lonely degenerate is willing to go, what the COMMON man is capable of.

DESTRUCTION, and nothing more.

Paul Ray, a 35 year old Briton, the "RICHARD THE LION-HEARTED" of Breivik's manifesto had NEVER heard of Breivik until AFTER the heinous acts committed in NORWAY.

Not that PAUL RAY is in line to be lionized as a saint anytime soon.

Sadly, he too is merely a RACIST...

But he swears he had nothing to do with Anders Behring Breivik and he CONDEMNS Breivik's actions, but NOT his beliefs.

These people are Anti-Muslim extremists.

And, once the MUSLIMS are gone from their World, next would be Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, then YOU.

These jokers are CRAZY, nothing more.


CRYBABY KILLERS in a world that is far easier to TEAR down than BUILD up.

The Ancient Order of the Templar Knights is just an idea, a loosely knit HATE group of like-minded members.

They sit around and MOAN about the advances of Minorities and Women, all the while eating HUMMUS and chewing on TACOS....

They are PATHETIC.

But we'd ALL better WATCH OUT for them.

I know MASONS.

MASONS are some of my best friends.

Anders Breivik Behring is NO MASON.

Real MASONS would have taken one look at those EMPTY, BEADY eyes and sent him PACKING.....

You have to know someone and you have to have done SOMETHING OF WORTH in your life to be allowed in.

The Knights Templar were Christian Mercenaries.

They were men of MEANS and Accomplishments.

Behring would not even have made a good PAGE BOY.

Though, he certainly looks like one....

Funny thing is, this guy PAUL RAY is not even really Paul Ray. He is actually named Paul Sonato.

Sounds like a Minority to me.

Sonato/Ray is hiding out on the Island of Malta, where the Knights Templar were WIPED OUT of existence by their RIVALS.



Whom were after their RICHES stolen from the MUSLIMS during the Crusades.

I just LOVE that!

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