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The MASONS are far more than you think.


They do GOOD WORKS, even though some find the association a mite weird and sinister....

It is all those CODE NAMES that sound rather demonic, I suppose, if you believe in that stuff.

No stranger than the language of the BIBLE.

Secret Handshakes.

You will find them in ANY organization that has been around as long as the MASONS have been in existence.

3 MILLION Freemasons worldwide.

They first organized in 1717, forming LODGES intended to take care of the stricken members of their craft, and to take care of the wives and children of the fallen...

The London Grand Lodge was the first, and became a place to meet, receive pay, train apprentices, etc...

They soon spread around Europe and America......

There are 63,000 FREEMASONS in the San Francisco Bay Area alone....

Want to JOIN?

Well, you MUST believe in a Supreme Being.

I was NEVER too good at that....

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