Yes, some say he was born in CHILE.

He is the BASIS for ZORRO.

O. Henry's CISCO KID.

And, by extension, BATMAN!

A man that headed for the Gold Fields, after the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending America's desired WAR with Mexico.....

America gained the State of California with the stroke of a pen...

Funny that GOLD was announced discovered a Sutter's Mill two weeks later...

History actually records that GOLD was discovered two weeks BEFORE...

Possibly MUCH earlier.

Joaquin Murrietta's MOTHER was born in old California.

people from the time have written in their memoirs that Old California was INDEED a Paradise on Earth, for Rich and Poor alike.

All were treated fairly.

In those gold fields, at their HOME, JOAQUIN MURRIETA's beloved WIFE was brutally raped and murdered when Joaquin and his brother went into town for supplies.

American Justice would not help him.

He decided to get VENGEANCE on his own.

He became a HERO to the Mexican Community, a VILLAIN to everyone else.

They caught his brother and HANGED him.

Joaquin and fellow 'OUTLAW" Three-fingered Jack became wilder than ever...

They were eventually captured.

3-fingered Jack was killed outright.

Joaquin was tortured and BEHEADED...

Admission was charged for YEARS as the HEAD was displayed at Mining Camps and Big City Town halls all over California.

From Sophisticated San Francisco to the mud flats of PLACERVILLE....

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