Seems NO ONE wants to claim any allegiance whatsoever with Anders Behring Breivik, the Oslo Racist, Terrorist and MURDERER.

I guess it would be like professing solidarity with Jeffrey Dahmer.

The Christians are OFFENDED by even a HINT of association....

They are debating just what IS a Christian Terrorist...?

Sorry, but I have been surrounded by them ALL of my LIFE.

I was SPANKED as a child, by WOMEN at my Grandmother's BAPTIST Church, when I failed to exhibit any signs of THE HOLY GHOST being within me.

Lifted off the floor by one arm and SWITCHED until I got IT.

I NEVER gave in, even though my little brother showed me how EASY it was to fool them.

Just FALL OUT and act like a FOOL, they left you alone and showered you with praises...

My grandmother REFUSED to believe us when we told her how those "Holy Sisters" treated us behind her back...

"The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon" were formed just after the first CRUSADES, sometime around the year 1096....

The ran RIOT through the Middle East, TERRORIZING innocent HEATHENS, stealing and pillaging and RAPING along the way, under the guise of protecting PILGRIMS on their journeys through the Holy Lands.

They were later sanctioned and backed by the CATHOLIC CHURCH, after 30 years of adding copious WEALTH to Catholic Coffers.

In 1307, bankrupt French King Phillipe IV was avid for their wealth. He obtained secret permission from the Catholic Church to DISBAND the Order.

On a FRIDAY the THIRTEENTH, the hapless Knights that were apprehended, tortured into confessing HERETICAL ACTS, then BURNED at the stake.

A few ESCAPED, keeping the ORDER going in secret....


Some escaped to GIBRALTAR.

The LEGEND lives on TODAY.

Just look at BREIVIK.

Just the lonely sort that LEGENDS like this attract....

DESPERATE to be part of something BIG.

But CRACKED in the head.....

And weren't the Spanish Christians really the ones behind the destruction of the MAYANS, the ZAPOTECS, the AZTECS, The INCA?

American Christians destroyed HAWAII...

Sorry, but I have noticed that CHRIST never seems to get along with ANYONE...

...but SHEEP.

Onward, Christian Soldiers, INDEED.

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