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For Technothanks Waffle Rock Two

For Technothanks Waffle Rock Two


Waffle Rock in America is a real geology puzzle because of the amazing patterns formed on its surface. Called Waffle Rock because it looks like a waffle iron grid.

Waffle Rock moved and now Waffle boulder!

A part of the original Waffle Rock was moved when Jennings Randolph Lake was created by the building of a Dam. The Waffle Rock boulder is located at the West Virginia Overlook at Jennings Randolph Lake in Mineral County, West Virginia, America. You can read about its history.

. The photographs of Waffle Rock show that it had an amazing regular(ish) pattern, far more than the piece they have saved. Yet the Waffle Rock boulder shows the largest variation they could find. There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there about what did form Waffle Rock and this certainly can not help stop them. But perhaps by choosing the worst piece, for those of us who want to see the regular pattern, they may have saved a clue of how Waffle Rocks pattern was formed.

What piece does the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History in Washington D.C. have and is it on display? Also although geology reports suggest it is natural there is no explanation of how it was formed naturally. It is a natural formation but the process that formed it is open to debate and geology will very unlikely provide the answer. Does gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology) have the start of the explanation for what formed and created Waffle Rock?

Electric Universe waffle about the rock
What natural process could form or create the Waffle Rock pattern? The rock is composed of sandstone with Hematite (an iron oxide) forming the amazing waffle grid patterns. Although geology will say and can show that nature does indeed create rocks in standard patterns it still does not explain how those rocks made those shapes/patterns. It will suggest that geology over millions of years has create amazing patterns but they have not witnessed it.The formation of these shapes is only a theory.

What dont you see with the Waffle Rock boulder on display? The waffle grid like pattern does not seem to go through the whole rock as you cant see it protruding from the sides. Therefore, has the Waffle Rock pattern been created on the surface of the rock/boulder? If it has why has it in a gravity universe not been formed throughout the whole rock. What geology process can form that pattern on the surface.


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